Qwixx – Oops! Rules correction.

Oops! Turns out I’ve been teaching Qwixx wrong! During our TableTop Day celebration, I was playing and teaching Qwixx with Michael Litzinger and a few other folks, when Michael said that the active player could use the white dice, too. What? I thought the rules said your opponents could use the white dice if desired, but the active player must […]

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Qwixx – To X or Not To X

Qwixx - To X or Not To X

I’ve been teaching and playing Qwixx a lot lately. It’s such a simple game – 6 dice and a scoresheet – yet so much fun. I wish I’d thought of it! Kudos to Steffen Benndorf, Qwixx’s designer. Qwixx is a quick-playing dice game with absolutely no boring downtime between turns. Your goal is to X off as many numbers in each of […]

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24 Days of Gaming Stocking Stuffers – Part 2

24 Days of Gaming Stocking Stuffers

Last week in 24 Days of Gaming Stocking Stuffers – Part 1, I provided 8 short reviews of gamesĀ and gaming accessories that would make great gaming stocking stuffers or make a great play list for the holiday season. This week, I continue the coverage with 8 more. However you utilize this list, I hope it will lead to lots of […]

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