What Goes Up… Must Come Down! Cloud 9: the Daring Game of Ups and Downs!

What goes up... Must come down! Cloud 9: The Daring Game of Ups and Downs

Cloud 9 is a quick, push-your-luck style card game. You earn points by daring to stay in the basket of a hot air balloon as it rises. Your points increase as the balloon climbs higher from cloud to cloud, but so does the risk of the balloon crashing. Should you jump ship to save your points or trust that the […]

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Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island – A Cooperative Game Filled with Euro Game Goodness

Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island - A cooperative game filled with Euro goodness

Robinson Crusoe: Adventure on the Cursed Island is a cooperative, worker-placement game that I’d had my eye on for over a year. When it finally released in the U.S. in August 2013, we were one of the few stores to get the full quantity we preordered. Probably because I preordered it so early. In Robinson Crusoe, there are so many […]

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Cash-A-Catch – Fresh Fish! Get your fresh fish here!

Cash-A-Catch - Fresh Fish! Get your fresh fish here!

Fresh Fish! Get your fresh fish here! Have you ever dreamed of being a fish monger? With Cash-A-Catch, you and up to four of your friends can experience all the excitement of selling your fishy wares on the wharf, without all the odorous aroma that usually comes when dealing in fishy products. Game play is simple: players take turns auctioning […]

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Cinque Terre – Pick Up and Deliver Produce on the Italian Riviera

Cinque Terre - Pick up and deliver produce on the Italian Riveria

Cinque Terre (pronounced chink-qua terra) is a pick up and deliver game of acquiring and delivering produce to fulfill orders for the five villages on the Italian Riviera known collectively as the Cinque Terre (five villages). I really like this game, the colorful board and bits and really cute Produce Trucks initially drew me to it then Tim played it […]

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Elysium – Nobody can play just one!

Elysium - Nobody Can Play Just One!

I propose a new classification of board games: nobody can play just one. It should be applied to games that you immediately want to play again, even after just finishing a game. I first remember experiencing this phenomena after losing a game of Pandemic. We all immediately wanted to play it again… and we did! It’s perfectly understandable, we lost […]

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