Istanbul – A Lesson in Efficiency

Istanbul - A Lesson in Efficiency

I first played Istanbul at Atlanta Game Fest last year. It’s Euro-style play, colorful tiles and bits, and puzzley immersive play quickly enraptured my mind. After many plays since, I’ve decided that Istanbul boils down to a lesson in efficiency. Let’s see why. In Istanbul, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be the first to acquire […]

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Coal Baron – Working in the Coal Mine, Goin’ Down Down

Coal Baron - Working in a Coal Mine, Going Down Down

“Working in the Coal Mine, Goin’ Down Down…” Coal Baron is a medium-light worker placement game in which your goal is to become the richest Coal Baron.┬áTo accomplish this you’ll need to acquire and fulfill orders for specific┬ácombinations of four types of coal: yellow, brown, grey and black. I’d never thought about there being different types of coal until I […]

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Firefly: The Game – A Shiny Game Set in the ‘Verse!

Firefly: The Game - A Shiny Game Set in the 'Verse!

Aim to Misbehave as a captain of your very own Firefly class ship. ┬áHire some crew, take on jobs and keep flyin’. That’s the aim of Firefly: The Game. Firefly: The Game is a highly thematic game with heavy pick-up-and-deliver mechanics. Five Contact decks (Amnon Duul, Badger, Harken, Niska, and Patience) provide the jobs you can take on: some are […]

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Cinque Terre – Pick Up and Deliver Produce on the Italian Riviera

Cinque Terre - Pick up and deliver produce on the Italian Riveria

Cinque Terre (pronounced chink-qua terra) is a pick up and deliver game of acquiring and delivering produce to fulfill orders for the five villages on the Italian Riviera known collectively as the Cinque Terre (five villages). I really like this game, the colorful board and bits and really cute Produce Trucks initially drew me to it then Tim played it […]

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Valdora – Gorgeous Medieval-Themed Pickup-and-Deliver Game with Books!


Hidden far away from our time lies a valley of unimaginable riches, where gold, silver, and precious jewels lie strewn along the roads, seemingly just waiting for you to scoop them into your rucksacks so you can fulfill commissions for wealthy patrons. The name of this wondrous place is Valdora. Valdora is a pickup-and-deliver game with straightforward rules, a beautiful […]

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