Qwixx – Oops! Rules correction.

Qwixx - box and componentsOops! Turns out I’ve been teaching Qwixx wrong!

During our TableTop Day celebration, I was playing and teaching Qwixx with Michael Litzinger and a few other folks, when Michael said that the active player could use the white dice, too. What? I thought the rules said your opponents could use the white dice if desired, but the active player must use one color die and one white die or take a penalty X.

I pulled out the rulebook to check and sure enough Michael was right. After rolling the dice, the active player announces the sum of the white dice. Everyone can optionally mark that number off in any one row. Then, the active player may optionally take the sum of one white die and one color die and X that number in the correspondingly colored row. The number must still be to the right of any Xs already in that row. If the active player can’t – or chooses not to – mark off a number, he must take a penalty X.

Mia culpa. Sorry for the mistake, folks. I’ve updated my Qwixx review to reflect the correct rules.

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