13 Spooky Board Games for Halloween

Zombies, Old Ones and Ghosts, Oh My! 13 Spooky Boardgames for Halloween

Halloween. The time of year when the barriers thin between this world and the next, when all manner of creatures walk the streets in broad daylight and haunt your doorways into the night. A time when we don costumes, watch scary movies and play spooky board games. Yes, play spooky board games. There are a number of modern board games […]

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Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark – A Thematic Euro Dice Game

Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark - A thematic Euro dice game

While I love my Euro-games, some of them feel like the theme was added as an afterthought. Not so with Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark cunningly designed by Cédrick Chaboussit, and beautifully illustrated by Vincent Dutrait. Discoveries, a gamers’ Euro worker-placement dice game, feels like the theme was the starting point and the mechanics were built around, and in support of, that concept. […]

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Marvel Dice Masters – collectible dice building game for two

In Marvel Dice Masters: Avengers vs. X-Men and Marvel Dice Masters: Uncanny X-Men you play a mastermind controlling a team of Marvel characters. Your goal is to use your team of superheroes and villains to take out your adversary, another mastermind team leader. Reduce his hit points to zero and you win! As in most deckbuilding games, each player starts with […]

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King of New York – Mutant Monsters Rampage New York

King of New York - Mutant Monsters Rampage New York

King of New York is a sequel to the popular mutant monster king-of-the-hill dice game, King of Tokyo. This time, the giant monsters have moved their rampage to New York, where they’ve found more ways to acquire fame and wreak destruction – which translates to more opportunities for strategy and multiple paths to victory for players. The end goal is […]

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King of Tokyo – A King-of-the-Hill Dice Game

King of Tokyo - A King-of-the-Hill Dice Game

We interrupt this program for an important news bulletin. Giant mutant monsters have invaded Tokyo and are laying waste to the city. While the monsters appear to be more concerned with fighting amongst themselves than attacking the population, residents should evacuate the area immediately… Such is the theme of the dice-rolling game King of Tokyo, in which players play giant […]

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