Splendor – Splendidly Addicting

Ah, the Splendor of it all! Splendor is an easy-to-learn, quick-playing and addictive game for two to four players. Players play rich Renaissance merchants acquiring mines, transportation methods, and artisans so they can turn raw gems into beautiful jewels and increase their prestige. If you’re resourceful and acquire just the right combination of developments one or more nobles may visit […]

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4 Dice Games You Can Stuff in a Stocking

4 Dice Games You Can Stuff In A Stocking

Continuing my quest to find small games you can actually stuff into a Christmas stocking, here are three dice games that fit the bill. Roll For It! – A Roll and Match Dice Game Roll For It! is a fun, family-friendly dice game with simple rules: Roll It! Match It! Score It! But watch out, one of your opponents may steal the card you’re […]

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6 Kids’ Games You Can Stuff in a Stocking

Every year I read long lists of games that supposedly make perfect stocking stuffers. Every year I find myself saying, “Really, what stocking does that fit into? One made for King Kong?!!!” So I thought I’d put together some lists of games that can actually fit into a normal Christmas stocking. The first of which is this list: 6 Kids’ […]

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