Jaipur – Send Your Camels to Trade

Jaipur - Send your camels to trade

Midnight at the Oasis, send your camels to trade… Every play you make in Jaipur, the two-player set collection game of trading and selling goods and camels, is itself a trade. Sure you get something good, but every move you make also provides an opportunity for your opponent. Perhaps that’s why my husband Tim and I love it so much. Let’s […]

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Bohnanza: Pirates Expansion – Bean Trading on the High Seas

Bohnanza: Pirates - Bean Trading on the High Seas

Bohnanza, the classic bean-trading card game by Uwe Rosenberg who later would design Agricola, has had almost 30 expansions and spin-offs published in Germany since its debut in 1997. A relative few have made the voyage across the ocean to the United States. One of the newest immigrants, La Isla Bohnita, comes bundled with a partner in Rio Grande Games’ Bohnanza: […]

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Bohnanza Card Games and Expansions – from Pirates to Fairy Tales

Bohnanza Card Games & Expansions - from Pirates to Fairy Tales

Many awesome games never make it across the water to the United States, despite being in print for many years in Germany. Among those classic, well-loved games is the Bohnanza series of card games by Amigo Spiel. Although the ever-popular game of bean planting, Bohnanza by Uwe Rosenberg, did make it to the U.S., thanks to Rio Grande Games, only two of its numerous expansions have ever […]

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Bohnanza – Growing Beans for Fun & Profit

Bohnanza - Growing Beans for Fun & Profit

In the highly interactive card game, Bohnanza, you play a bean farmer. Your goal: become a wealthy bean farmer – the wealthiest if you want to win the game. You begin building your bean empire with just two bean fields and a handful of beans. While there are 11 varieties of beans, you can only cultivate one type in each field, and each […]

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