Game Review Requests

I often get requests to write reviews for games. Because I only have so much free time, I’m picky about what I play, teach and write about. I like to kill two (or three) birds with one stone. That is, all of my reviews also go in my book and game store’s monthly newsletter. So, if I’m going to review a game, it has to be something:

  • … I enjoy playing. I like Euro games, light to medium family games, strategy games that offer many paths to victory, cooperative games, etc.
  • … I can teach to my friends and customers.
  • … My store’s customers can buy now or in the near future – at my store. This means I have to be able to acquire it from one of our game distributors: ACD or Alliance.

I DO NOT review:

  • War Games.
  • Games with a lot of direct conflict or aggression.
  • Kickstarter-distributed games unless they’ll be available from one of my distributors with most or all of the stretch goodies.
  • Out-of-print games.

More Details:

  • Not a big fan of abstract strategy games, though there are a few exceptions.
  • Kind of burnt out on deckbuilding games. That includes: bag building, dice building, etc.
  • I’m a sucker for pretty games and games with 3-D or other unique components.
  • Not likely to enjoy a game that takes 3 or more hours to play.
  • I avoid games with high conflict or Take-That mechanisms like the plague.
  • Love medium-heavy strategy games like: Castles of Burgundy, Coal Baron, Stone Age, Concordia, Grand Hotel Austria, T’zolkin…

With all that said, if you’d like me to consider reviewing your game, please first contact me either by Geek Mail on Board Game Geek (my username is tgmcduff) or give me a call at (843) 821-1466.

The first thing I’ll probably ask you to do is send me pictures and a copy of the rules to look at. If I decide it’s something I’m interested in, I’ll give you my address and you can send a copy of the game. I’ll eventually learn, play and probably teach it before I write a review.

Hope this helps.

– Tina