Stone Age: Anniversary – What’s New & Different

I love Stone Age. I’ve been looking forward to the new Limited Edition Stone Age: Anniversary for months now and have done quite a bit of research into what’s new and different in it. How could the designer and publishers improve on this classic after 10 years in print? Well, let’s take a look. I’m not going to go into […]

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Century: Spice Road – If you like Splendor, you’ll love this!

Century: Spice Road - If you like Splendor, you'll love this!

I learned seven new games at Atlanta Game Fest (AGF). Four of them made it on to my want-to-own list: Century: Spice Road, Great Western Trail, Railroad Revolution and La Granja: No Siesta! I also got to play Jet Set with part of an expansion I own and part of another expansion I don’t. Both provided some new ways to […]

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Grand Austria Hotel – A dice-selection Euro game.

Grand Austria Hotel - a dice-selection Euro game. Game review by Tina McDuffie, The Glass Meeple.

I’m a fan of dicey Euro games. That is, games in which dice rolls determine your options for action – my husband calls this dice selection – and there’s some means to modify the dice results – though it may cost a bit. My favorite dicey Euro game of all time is Castles of Burgundy, which I still have yet […]

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191 New Things in Pokémon Go. Did you catch ’em all?

191 New Things in Pokémon Go. Did you catch 'em all?

Niantic added 191 new things in Pokémon Go as part of their 2/16/17 update to the popular exer-game. Did you catch ‘me all? To help see if you missed anything, we’ve detailed all 191 here in one handy list. Don’t worry, most of them are in groups, so it won’t take too long to read. 1 – 80. Gen 2 […]

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Hats Off! New Pokémon make Pokémon Go feel like a whole new world!

Hats Off! New Pokemon make Pokemon Go feel like a whole new world!

Yesterday morning I was feeling really bored by Pokémon Go. It’d been so long since I caught any new Pokémon, I was thinking of giving up the hunt. By late afternoon, however, everything changed when Niantic rocked the Pokémon Go world with a megaton update. It feels like a whole new world. The 1.27.2 update for Apple, 0.57.2 for Android, includes oodles […]

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El Gaucho – Round ’em up and move ’em out!

El Gaucho - Round 'em up and move 'em out!

I was raised on a cattle ranch on the edge of a one-horse town in the Valley of the Sun. My dad was a cowboy: an accomplished rider, handling everything around the ranch from sowing and bailing hay to breaking and training horses, to herding, cutting, and branding cattle. So, when I opened a door in my Brettspiele Advent Calendar […]

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Pokemon Go: 11 Tricks You May Not Know

Pokémon Go - 11 Tricks You May Not Know

“Pokémon GO is about blending gameplay and imagination with getting exercise and exploring the real world around you,” says The Niantic Team. I can certainly attest that it’s gotten me out of the house and exploring my neighborhood and beyond. While still newbies to the world of Pokémon Go  – not that the game is that old – and having […]

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Pokemon Go – An Engaging Virtual Treasure Hunt

Pokémon Go - An Engaging Virtual Treasure Hunt

There’s a new craze going around which you’d expect only to affect the young. The young at heart, however, seem no more immune, to the new engaging treasure hunt that is taking the world by storm. It’s called Pokémon Go. While my husband and I initially resisted the urge to hunt Pokémon, despite constant exposure to the phenomena (our book and […]

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Unexploded Cow – Blowing up cows for fun & profit

Unexploded Cow - Blowing up cows for fun & profit.

Unexploded Cow was the first Cheapass game I ever played. (It always gives me a little thrill to say that. Then in the face of a shocked response, I grin and explain that Cheapass Games is the name of game’s publisher. Unexploded Cow is a unique and hilarious light-hearted card game designed by James Ernest, owner and founder of Cheapass […]

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Keltis – An Emerald Green Game for St. Paddy’s Day

Keltis - An Emerald Green Game for St. Paddy's Day

On St Patrick’s Day it is customary to wear shamrocks and/or green clothing or accessories – the “wearing of the green” as they call it. So, it is no wonder that the first game I thought of when looking for an appropriate game for St. Paddy’s Day was Keltis. I did a little research on the origins of St. Patrick’s […]

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Jaipur – Send Your Camels to Trade

Jaipur - Send your camels to trade

Midnight at the Oasis, send your camels to trade… Every play you make in Jaipur, the two-player set collection game of trading and selling goods and camels, is itself a trade. Sure you get something good, but every move you make also provides an opportunity for your opponent. Perhaps that’s why my husband Tim and I love it so much. Let’s […]

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Lost Cities – An Expedition for Two

Lost Cities is the first Euro card game my husband and I ever owned. My husband picked it up at a thrift store in San Diego and put it in our game cabinet, where I’m ashamed to say it remained until after we moved to South Carolina. It wasn’t until we played it at another gamer’s house that we realized we had a […]

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Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark – A Thematic Euro Dice Game

Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark - A thematic Euro dice game

While I love my Euro-games, some of them feel like the theme was added as an afterthought. Not so with Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis & Clark cunningly designed by Cédrick Chaboussit, and beautifully illustrated by Vincent Dutrait. Discoveries, a gamers’ Euro worker-placement dice game, feels like the theme was the starting point and the mechanics were built around, and in support of, that concept. […]

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Bohnanza: Pirates Expansion – Bean Trading on the High Seas

Bohnanza: Pirates - Bean Trading on the High Seas

Bohnanza, the classic bean-trading card game by Uwe Rosenberg who later would design Agricola, has had almost 30 expansions and spin-offs published in Germany since its debut in 1997. A relative few have made the voyage across the ocean to the United States. One of the newest immigrants, La Isla Bohnita, comes bundled with a partner in Rio Grande Games’ Bohnanza: […]

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Elysium Game Review Update

Elysium Game Review Update

Last month I reviewed Elysium after reading the rulebook and everything else I could find on it. I normally don’t review a game until I’ve played it, but with the pre-release coming up I felt it was important to give everyone a heads up about what it’s about. Since then, I’ve taught and played Elysium several times and would like […]

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