Hats Off! New Pokémon make Pokémon Go feel like a whole new world!

Hats Off! New Pokemon make Pokemon Go feel like a whole new world!

Yesterday morning I was feeling really bored by Pokémon Go. It’d been so long since I caught any new Pokémon, I was thinking of giving up the hunt. By late afternoon, however, everything changed when Niantic rocked the Pokémon Go world with a megaton update. It feels like a whole new world. The 1.27.2 update for Apple, 0.57.2 for Android, includes oodles […]

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Robo Rally Reboot – The classic programmed-movement robot-racing game gets an update.

Robo Rally Reboot - The Classic Programmed-Movement Robot-Racing Game Gets an Update!

My first experience with Robo Rally was at a gaming invitational in Raleigh, NC. Lori, a long-time Robo Rally enthusiast and aficionado introduced me to the chaotic, programmed movement game of racing robots to successive numbered flags on a factory floor filled with movement-altering and damage-dealing obstacles that you must successfully navigate if you want to win the race. Whew! Say […]

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