191 New Things in Pokémon Go. Did you catch ’em all?

191 New Things in Pokémon Go. Did you catch 'em all?

Pokémon Go logoNiantic added 191 new things in Pokémon Go as part of their 2/16/17 update to the popular exer-game. Did you catch ‘me all?

To help see if you missed anything, we’ve detailed all 191 here in one handy list. Don’t worry, most of them are in groups, so it won’t take too long to read.

1 – 80. Gen 2 Pokémon

The Pokédex has expanded!

The Pokédex has expanded!

My first new catch was a Sentret. The fat, rabbit-earred brown marmots with a bushy racoon tail seem to be as prevalent as Pidgeys. Every Gen 2 Pokémon I’ve seen so far is eye candy. From the tiny bird-like Natu to the adorable Murkrow – looks like a crow with a hat. Both the base and evolved types of the new species are appearing in the wild right now. I’ve seen quite a few Furrets (evolved form of Sentrets) and Xatu (evolved form of Natu).

Others I’ve encountered include: an urn-potted plant called Sunkern, the beetle-like Spinarak and its spiderish evolution Ariados, the devilish-looking Misdreavus, a wise old Hoothoot, the whirly-top Hoppip, a Skiploom – think green Kool-Aid Guy with a yellow spinning-top on his head, a manta ray-like Mantine, Pineco – a teal pinecone with eyes, and a cute blue toy named Wooper. The new starters are supposed to be Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. I’ve caught Chikorita and Totodile so far.

How about you? What have you encountered?

81 – 91. New Evolutions for Gen 1 Pokémon

Onix detail page

Onix – note the shadow of the evolved form on the Evolve button and the new item required.

Eleven existing Pokémon received new evolutions:

  • Chansey can now evolve – into a Blissey.
  • Eevee got two new possible evolutions – Espeon and Umbreon – to add to its old three – Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon. Now you’ve got a 1 in 5 chance of getting what you want.
  • Horsea still becomes Seadra, but can further evolve into Kingdra with a Dragon Scale.
  • Oddish turns into Gloom which may bloom into either a Vileplume or a fresh Bellossom with a little Sun Stone.
  • Onix has an evolve now: Steelix. You just need to give him a Metal Coat with his candy.
  • Poliwag still evolves into Poliwhirl, but Poliwhirl can evolve into Poliwrath or the new Politoed (King Rock required).
  • Porygon has a new edition available with an Up-Grade: Porygon2.
  • Scyther finally shows his mettle. With the help of a metal coat, he can evolve into Scizor! I got the candy saved up, I just need some metal coats!
  • Slowpoke can become a Slowbro or a Slowking if you have a King Rock.
  • Zubat still evolves into Golbat, but now further evolves into Crobat with four wings. I evolved one last night!

92 – 96. New Evolution Items

Some Pokémon now require a special evolution item in addition to a particular quantity of breed-specific candy in order to evolve. The new update added five special evolution items:

  1. Dragon Scale – Needed to evolve Seadra to Kingdra.
  2. King Rock – For evolving Poliwhirl into Politoed and Slowbro into Slowking.
  3. Metal Coat – Armor to turn Onix into Steelix and Scyther into Scizor.
  4. Sun Stone – Required to evolve a Gloom into a Bellossom or a Sunkern into a Sunflora.
  5. Up-Grade – Needed to upgrade Porygon to Porygon2.

They’re all one-use items. They can only be acquired from Poké Stops. Thus far, they seem to be pretty rare. I hit at least 200 Poké Stops yesterday and didn’t get any.

Name an Eevee Sakura to evolve an Espeon

97 – 98. Naming Easter Eggs

The same way you could guarantee yourself at least one Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon by renaming an Eevee before evolving it, so, too, can you guarantee yourself at least one Espeon and/or Umbreon.

To evolve an Eevee into an Espeon, name it “Sakura” before evolving it. To acquire an Umbreon, name an Eevee “Tamao” before evolving it. This will likely work only once per name.

99 – 100. New Berries

new Berries

new Berries

The February 16 upgrade included two new treats to entice Pokémon with:

  1. Pink banana-shaped Nanab Berries. A Nanab Berry calms a Pokémon down, making it less erratic – and hopefully easier to catch.
  2. Yellow, pineapple shaped Pinap Berries. A Pinap Berry causes the Pokémon to drop more candy – if your next catch attempt succeeds.

I’ve been feeding Pinap Berries to Magikarp. I don’t encounter Magikarp that often and it takes 400 Magikarp candy to evolve one into a Gyarados.

101. Bonus Candy

To encourage us to catch more evolved Pokémon in the wild, Niantic now awards 5 candies instead of the usual 3 when you capture them. Purportedly, you’ll receive 10 candies for capturing a double-evolved Pokémon.

102. Pokémon Gender

Name an Eevee Tamao to evolve an Umbreon

Yep, Pokémon now have a specific gender or lack thereof. You don’t have to get personal to determine the gender of your Pokémon, though, just check its detail page. There are even a few without a specific gender, such as Ditto, Magnemite, Staryu and Voltorb.

For most Pokémon, there’s no difference appearance-wise between the two sexes. Among those that do look different, Nidorans are the most obvious. With the others the differences mostly boil down to a few types:

  • Horn size – bigger for males. Examples: Rhyhorn, Rhydon, Goldeen, and Seaking.
  • Antennae or Whisker size – bigger for males. Examples: Ledyba, Ratata, Raticate and Khadabra.
  • Number of Spots or Stripes – more for males. Examples: Gloom, Vileplume and Xatu. In addition to being fewer, female spots tend to be bigger.
  • Whisker color – white for females, colored for males. Examples: Magikarp and Gyarados.

103 – 105. New Features on Pokémon Detail Pages

Niantic updated the Pokémon Detail Pages to provide additional information, including:

  1. Gender. You can now see the gender of your Pokémon to the right of its name: a ♂ symbol indicates it’s male, a ♀ symbol that it’s female or no symbol means it’s genderless.
  2. Evolution Shadow. You can see at a glance what a Pokémon will evolve in to thanks to a shadow on the Evolve button.
  3. Special Evolution Item Requirement. If a special evolution item is needed to evolve your Pokémon, the Evolve button will be pink and there will be an icon and number before the candy requirement to indicate that.
new Encounter Screen shows when you have an active Berry

New Encounter Screen shows when you have an active Berry, plus provides Carousels for accessing your Berry and Ball inventory.

106 – 108. New Features in Encounter Screen

In the 2/16/17 update, Niantic added three new features to the Encounter Screen:

  1. The Berry Carousel, on the left, provides access to your inventory of Berries. Just tap it to open it, choose a Berry and toss it to the Pokémon you’re hunting.
  2. The Ball Carousel, on the right, lets you quickly switch the type of ball you’re throwing. To access your Poké Ball collection, tap on the ball icon.
  3. Active Berry Indicator. If you’ve got a Berry active, a small berry icon will appear below the Pokémon’s CP.

It’s so much simpler and intuitive to grab a treat or switch balls on the fly now. I love it!

Note Bonus Candy for catching an evolved Pokémon - Exeggcutor - and bonus XP for First Throw

Note Bonus Candy for catching an evolved Pokémon – Exeggcutor – and bonus XP for First Throw

109. First Throw Bonus

Now you can earn an additional 50 XP bonus every time you catch a Pokémon with your first throw. This is in addition to any bonuses for Curve Balls and Nice, Great and Excellent Throws.

110 – 114. Interface Enhancements

Niantic made several other enhancements to Pokémon Go’s interface, including:

  • New night mode map.
  • New night encounter music. It’s a nice change from the same old music day in and night out.
  • New Pokémon encounter movements. Ledybug jumps side to side. Tentacool cooly slides out of the way of your Poké Balls.
  • New animations. You’ll see lots of dust clouds now as Pokémon jump up and down, plus other zippy animations. I wonder how this is going to affect my data usage?
  • New sound effects. There are so many squeaks, creaks and other noises now, it’s possible Niantic went a little overboard with their sound effect enhancements. Some of the Pokémon chitters affect me like nails on a chalkboard. Your mileage may vary.

115 – 191. Avatar Wardrobe Options

Hats Off! - new hat wardrobe options

New hat wardrobe options

Now you can customize your avatar’s appearance beyond color selection. The latest update includes:

  • 7 Hat styles, not including color choices, for gals and 5 for guys.
  • 4 Glasses. The same 4 options are available to both gals and guys.
  • 4 Necklaces – more like chokers – for gals. Sorry guys, no neck-wear for you.
  • 10 Tops for gals and 14 for guys.
  • 3 Bags for gals, but only 2 for guys. I guess they figured a guy wouldn’t be caught dead carrying a pink backpack with a white bow on it.
  • 2 Gloves options: gloves or no gloves for both gals and guys.
  • 3 Belts for gals. Sorry guys, you’ll have to find some other way to hold your pants up.
  • 7 Bottoms for gals – 3 are skirts – and 3 Bottoms for guys.
  • 3 Socks choices for gals – really leggings if you ask me – and 2 for guys.
  • 2 Footwear options currently include shoes or no shoes for both  gals and guys.

Most of the above items include multiple color choices – too many to count individually. You can also select to go without shoes, socks, a hat, gloves, glasses, a belt or a bag if you want.

To access your new wardrobe, look for “Style” with a hanger icon in the same window where you access your Journal and Buddy. While every category includes at least one free customization, some options cost 100 to 800 Poké Coins – a few of the hats are the most expensive. Some customizations only unlock when you reach a particular level.


So there you have it: 191 new things in Pokémon Go thanks to the new update. Now you won’t miss a thing.

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