Pandemic Legacy January Session Report – Redacted (Spoilers Hidden)

*** SPOILER ALERT *** Many sections of this report have been redacted (placed in Spoiler boxes).
Revealing redacted details may spoil some of the surprises in store for you in Pandemic Legacy Season 1.

January 2015
For our first game of Pandemic Legacy, my husband Tim and I chose Scientist and Researcher hoping for some good card draws so we could hopefully knock out the viruses quickly before they could do much harm. While we were setting up, our friend Jason dropped by, so we quickly adjusted: Tim took the Scientist and played first, Jason the Researcher playing next and me the Dispatcher. I really wanted to play the Dispatcher anyway: it’s my favorite role. I know we’re supposed to name our characters, but we haven’t gotten around to that yet. Being veteran Pandemic players, we wanted to jump right in and we did!

We set up the board, distributed cards, etc. Unfortunately, we each got three different colored cards. First hope dashed.

From the beginning, the Red Menace proved a nasty threat (so named from previous games of Pandemic: On The Brink), but we hoped to shut it down quickly by finding the cure and then deal with the infections, not having a Medic with us to help. Tim got a lucky draw his first turn and picked up a second red card. Jason picked up two more on his first turn and gave them to Tim on his second, then pulled our first Epidemic.

Since my red card, Beijing, was no longer needed, I headed there, built a research station and pulled the Scientist (Tim) there – ignoring the spreading Red Menace infection. Now he was all set to find the cure to the Red Menace on his turn. Our plan was to cure that sucker, so we could treat it quickly and efficiently.

Then I pulled our second Epidemic! Which, being back to back with the previous one, meant an Outbreak – I think we got a chain reaction.

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Tim finished his turn, there was little he could do where he was. The Red Menace was on the brink of Outbreak in several places, as were a few other hotspots, Miami was one but Red looked more threatening, so he did a little first aid there. Of course, Miami then had an Outbreak. Our mission seemed doomed, but we mustered and continued the fight.

We raced to find the other three cures as quickly as possible, Outbreaks occurred repeatedly, plus 2 more Epidemics. The last virus to succumb to our ministrations was the black one and it was hairy. Tim and Jason were both at Research Stations, Jason intended to give Tim 3 black cards on his next turn, to go with the one Tim already had, so we only needed to survive one more round. Luckily Tim drew One Quiet Night (the only Special Event card we drew all game) and immediately used it. Jason handed off cards and we had another Outbreak. I got to and treated one really bad hotspot that would’ve caused a chain of Outbreaks and ended the game. At the end of my turn, we were now at Outbreak Level 7. Tim cured black and we won!

Or did we?

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We had a lot of bad luck. We each started with three different colored cards and only drew one Special Event the whole game, though we experienced four out of the five Epidemics (two back to back), with a third of the deck still left.

It was fun and frustrating. As veteran players we expected to win the first game no sweat. We sweated!

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Kudos, Matt & Rob.


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