Robo Rally Reboot – The classic programmed-movement robot-racing game gets an update.

Robo Rally Reboot - The Classic Programmed-Movement Robot-Racing Game Gets an Update!

My first experience with Robo Rally was at a gaming invitational in Raleigh, NC. Lori, a long-time Robo Rally enthusiast and aficionado introduced me to the chaotic, programmed movement game of racing robots to successive numbered flags on a factory floor filled with movement-altering and damage-dealing obstacles that you must successfully navigate if you want to win the race. Whew! Say […]

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Games of Auld Lang Syne: 7 classic games that never grow old

Games Of Auld Lang Syne

Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind Should auld acquaintance be forgot and games of auld lang syne. It’s so easy to focus solely on the latest releases when choosing games to review, that I thought I’d change things up a bit and reflect on some of my favorite games of auld lang syne. I have so […]

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