Robo Rally Reboot – The classic programmed-movement robot-racing game gets an update.

Robo Rally Reboot - The Classic Programmed-Movement Robot-Racing Game Gets an Update!

My first experience with Robo Rally was at a gaming invitational in Raleigh, NC. Lori, a long-time Robo Rally enthusiast and aficionado introduced me to the chaotic, programmed movement game of racing robots to successive numbered flags on a factory floor filled with movement-altering and damage-dealing obstacles that you must successfully navigate if you want to win the race. Whew! Say […]

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Lewis & Clark: The Expedition – A Unique Racing Game with Resource Management

Lewis & Clark: The Expedition

Lewis & Clark: The Expedition is a unique racing game utilizing resource management and an interactive mechanic for acquiring those resources. As explorers, players race up the Missouri river, through the Rocky Mountains, and on westward to Fort Clatsop on the Pacific Coast. The first player to set up camp at or beyond Fort Clatsop, wins the game. Of course, […]

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