Pandemic – A Test of Mettle and Cooperation

Pandemic - A Test of Mettle and Cooperation

With Pandemic: Legacy set to make its debut October 8, I thought I’d visit an old friend, the purely cooperative game that started it all: Pandemic designed by Matt Leacock. In Pandemic, you and your friends play the role of scientists trying to prevent a pandemic from laying waste to the world. There’s only one way to win: find the cure […]

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Atlanta Game Fest 25: Day 3

Day 3 of Atlanta Game Fest 25 saw me playing some old favorites that I usually only get to play at AGF, as well as, learning a few new games. Old: Expedition and Circus Flochati. New: La Isla, another new Stefan Feld title; Planes; and Pandemic: The Cure. I also got in a second play of Istanbul, this time teaching […]

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