Century: Spice Road – If you like Splendor, you’ll love this!

Century: Spice Road - If you like Splendor, you'll love this!

I learned seven new games at Atlanta Game Fest (AGF). Four of them made it on to my want-to-own list: Century: Spice Road, Great Western Trail, Railroad Revolution and La Granja: No Siesta! I also got to play Jet Set with part of an expansion I own and part of another expansion I don’t. Both provided some new ways to […]

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DC Comics Deck-building Game Series Overview – Super Frenemies of America

DC Comics Deck-building Game Series

DC Comics Deck-building Game (DBG) is a competitive deckbuilding card game in which you take on the role of a famous DC Comics Superhero – or in the case of Forever Evil a Supervillain! Your goal is to acquire the most Victory Points (VPs), mostly by defeating Villains and Super-Villains – or Heroes and Super Heroes when you’re playing Forever […]

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Splendor – Splendidly Addicting

Ah, the Splendor of it all! Splendor is an easy-to-learn, quick-playing and addictive game for two to four players. Players play rich Renaissance merchants acquiring mines, transportation methods, and artisans so they can turn raw gems into beautiful jewels and increase their prestige. If you’re resourceful and acquire just the right combination of developments one or more nobles may visit […]

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