New & Upcoming Releases: August & September 2016

Check out some of exciting new games and expansions just released or coming in August and September: Legendary DBG: Marvel Civil War Expansion (just released) Its release got delayed a few weeks, but it’s here now! Following up on the recent movie, Captain America: Civil War, comes Legendary: Civil War, A Marvel Deckbuilding Game Expansion. The Civil War story arc […]

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Istanbul – A Lesson in Efficiency

Istanbul - A Lesson in Efficiency

I first played Istanbul at Atlanta Game Fest last year. It’s Euro-style play, colorful tiles and bits, and puzzley immersive play quickly enraptured my mind. After many plays since, I’ve decided that Istanbul boils down to a lesson in efficiency. Let’s see why. In Istanbul, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be the first to acquire […]

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