Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar – Time & 3-D Thinking

Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar - Time & 3-D Thinking

Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar is a worker placement game with a unique time element. The theme revolves around the Tzolk’in Mayan Calendar wheel in the center of the board that, when turned at the end of each round, rotates the five smaller wheels where you actually place your workers. As in most Euro games, your goal is to acquire the most […]

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Flash! – A Real-Time Dice Game for the Whole Family!

Flash! A Real-Time Dice Game for the Whole Family!

Blue Orange Games, publisher of the award-winning Spot it!, has created a real-time dice game, reminiscent of Yahtzee, that plays in a flash! Oh, and that’s its name, too: Flash! In Flash!, players each take six dice and place the scoring chips in the center of the table. One player chooses a challenge: Six-of-a-Kind, Three Pairs, All Odds, All Evens, […]

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Lewis & Clark: The Expedition – A Unique Racing Game with Resource Management

Lewis & Clark: The Expedition

Lewis & Clark: The Expedition is a unique racing game utilizing resource management and an interactive mechanic for acquiring those resources. As explorers, players race up the Missouri river, through the Rocky Mountains, and on westward to Fort Clatsop on the Pacific Coast. The first player to set up camp at or beyond Fort Clatsop, wins the game. Of course, […]

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Dimension – That’s How the Ball Stacks

Dimension - That's How the Ball Stacks

Dimension is a real-time puzzle game in which players, racing against the clock, attempt to build an 11-ball pyramid without breaking any of the current 6 rules. The player who’s the most successful at this over 6 rounds of play, wins the game. Players begin the game with a rule reference card, their own trivet, and 15 colored balls: 3 […]

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Coal Baron – Working in the Coal Mine, Goin’ Down Down

Coal Baron - Working in a Coal Mine, Going Down Down

“Working in the Coal Mine, Goin’ Down Down…” Coal Baron is a medium-light worker placement game in which your goal is to become the richest Coal Baron. To accomplish this you’ll need to acquire and fulfill orders for specific combinations of four types of coal: yellow, brown, grey and black. I’d never thought about there being different types of coal until I […]

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