Carcassonne – The Classic Tile-Laying Board Game Gets a New Look

Carcassonne Gets a New Look

The tile-placement game Carcassonne is a classic designer game, ranking right up there with Catan and Ticket to Ride. It’s accessible, easy to learn and teach, and plays in 30 minutes to an hour. Now, nearly 15 years after its original release, it’s got a new look, though the game play remains the same. Let’s take a closer look at this […]

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Valdora – Gorgeous Medieval-Themed Pickup-and-Deliver Game with Books!


Hidden far away from our time lies a valley of unimaginable riches, where gold, silver, and precious jewels lie strewn along the roads, seemingly just waiting for you to scoop them into your rucksacks so you can fulfill commissions for wealthy patrons. The name of this wondrous place is Valdora. Valdora is a pickup-and-deliver game with straightforward rules, a beautiful […]

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6 nimmt! – A Deceptively Simple Card Game

Many awesome games never make it across the water to the United States, despite being in print for 20 years or more in Germany. Among those classic, well-loved games is the 6 nimmt! series of card games by Amigo Spiel. 6 nimmt! has been winning awards since 1994! So, to help celebrate its 20th anniversary, let me tell you about 6 […]

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